The Cells Meet Cognition Journal Club

The Cells Meet Cognition Journal Club

(Organizers: Ella Weik, Maric Tse, Mieke van Holstein and Jessica Luk)

We would like to help students appreciate the importance of different methods available to neuroscientists, and how they can be used in conjunction to provide a holistic understanding of brain mechanisms in both animals and humans. 
We formed the Cells Meet Cognition journal club in order to promote interaction among human and animal research labs in a translational setting.  At each meeting we pair a human neuroscientist with an animal neuroscientist studying a similar research question on cognition. The matched pair lead a discussion on two research papers targeting a similar research question in different species. Our goal is to focus on discussing differences and similarities of the methods and results as well as potential future directions.  We hope to provide a platform to exchange knowledge, start discussions and build collaborations in the field of neuroscience. The meetings are held monthly. In the Brain Research Center at UBC hospital.  If you like to be added to the mailing list send us an email to

The Organizers would like to thank the Graduate Student Initiative Fund for funding and supporting the journal club!  More info on the fund is available here.