Cluster Research Exchange Day

The Dynamic Brain Circuits Cluster helped host a Research Cluster exchange day on October 1st, 2018 with the Bionics Cluster, the Biomedical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence Cluster, the Designing for People Cluster, and the SmarT Innovations for Technology Connected Health (STITCH) Cluster.

Over 30 posters were presented on areas of active research and technology in each cluster, including 6 from the Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster. In addition to the posters, there were several active demonstrations of technology being developed at UBC for research and medical care, and dozens of faculty and trainees from the associated clusters gathered to share ideas, discuss projects, and potentially form new collaborations.

2018_clustex_jessie_njp_03_02.jpgJessie Fu presenting her poster

Jessie Fu from Vesna Sossi's lab and Patrick Coleman from Kurt Haas's Lab won poster awards!

2018_clustex_d_01_02.jpgSpecific Technology demonstrations showcased exciting research at UBC  (photo credit: Danielle Walker)


2018_clustex_d_10_02.jpgWe hope to make events like this a more regular occurance!  (Photo credit: Danielle Walker)